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Activate Your Imagination

Activate Your Imagination


 “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

~Albert Einstein


Part of being human is learning the process of evolving our thought forms from ideas into physical experiences in our reality.  Everything, and I mean everything that has ever been created first existed as a mental picture in the mind of Source Energy.  Being that we are made up of this same energy, everything that we create originates the same way; hence why we need to nurture our imagination.

While it may seem slightly whimsical, imagining how you want life to be isn’t child’s play. Any person who ever achieved success in their life used the mental pictures in their mind to guide them on their path; blending experiences and filling in the details as they went along their way, always building more imagery towards their desired reality.  Therefore, getting your imagination up to snuff, isn’t something you want to leave to chance.

Our desires, dreams and wishes all come to us in the form of mental images we entertain in our minds. Therefore, our imagination is the beginning of creation, as it is the origin from which all other subsequent thought streams are birthed from. By nurturing the ideas that come to us through our imagination, we receive the inspiration and belief necessary to push them forth so we can create the life we’ve always ‘dreamed’ of.


Life Tip :: Your imagination helps fuel your belief system in a particular direction. When you believe something is possible for you that is what will excite and motivate you to take action to actualize it.

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