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Are You Ready for a Miracle

Are You Ready for a Miracle

About a week and a half ago, I started to experience little miracles on a daily basis, okay… who am I kidding… each day I’ve been manifesting bigger, better, and down right FABULOUS MIRACLES… all of which started with a conscious shift to choose love over fear.

How did all of this happen?

Going into the holidays my business slowed down a bit, which I know is common to many small businesses this time of year. However, with all of the given extra-circular activities I wanted to engage in this month, constantly reminding myself of this slowing wasn’t sitting too well with me, let alone bringing me feelings of inner peace and happiness.

Then, after getting frustrated with the funk I was putting myself in, I declared on New Year’s day, to the Universe, “I AM ABUNDANT!”…. which I said with all the feeling and belief I could muster. And from that moment, (literally while driving in the car to Trader Joe’s market) my thought stream began flooding with all sorts of marvelous ideas that supported me emotionally, as I began focusing on the fact that whatever I want… wants me.

Once I established what is was that I wanted to experience, as well as identifying the feelings I wanted to feel as a result of all this; I would pause several times a day, closing my eyes and allowing the feelings of complete security, freedom and abundance to wash over me.

And what happened next is definitely worth sharing…

So, less than 4 days after my declaration, and a steady belief that I would have more than enough money to cover my desired activities, I received a lovely ‘bonus check’ from a client who had just achieved a goal we had outlined for her months before…. and wouldn’t you know, it was MORE than enough to cover everything.

Now onto the next miracle… 

One of the many activities and events I wanted to attend this month was Gabrielle Bernstein’s book launch for “May Cause Miracles”, up at the Golden Bridge Yoga studio in Los Angeles last week. (January 11, 2013)

Group Shot for MCM


The first miracle in my attending this event was, for the first time, I received the gift of witnessing another woman — who I could relate to — sharing a similar message of spirituality and expanding consciousness, so that we can experience more love, success and happiness.

Something I’ve been searching for, for more years than I can remember.

Upon further connecting to her and her message that evening, I realized that I had manifested yet another miraculous experience… though this one was given to me all wrapped up in work and opportunity… as so many of them are!

In March of this year, I will be launching two projects, 1) “Living Clear T.V. with Morgan McKean”, an online show where I share spiritual ideas for fabulous living and 2) “Spiritually Irresistible – Provocative Principles to Live Life Fabulously” a 12 week spiritual course designed for women waking up to their own consciousness.

Because both require video production, social media expansion and a constant fine-tuning of my communication skills, I decided to jump “heart-first”, into the deep end of this book’s 40 day plan for “Creating Miracles”, by launching a private Facebook Group where I lead some of my closest clients and friends through the book and exercises through video content.

And here’s another MIRACLE: Having to study the principles in this book is forcing me to give more time, attention and energy to my own miracle mind, which is already paying HUGE in emotional, energetic… and YES financial dividends.

Now, here’s the fun part… for you that is!

You don’t need a guru, book or another person to tell you what the magic pill is for you that will make you feel happy… the MIRACLE is deciding that whatever is in front of you is important enough for you to believe in.


Life Tip::


When you focus on an idea… no matter what it is… it expands in your world… and from this understanding… you become the MIRACLE WORKER you right now may be actually searching for.

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