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Are Your Thoughts Clouding Your Dreams?!?!

Are Your Thoughts Clouding Your Dreams?!?!

I recently I heard Dr. Michael Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, say “Your thoughts are like clouds that you see through; like a filter with which you see the totality of your life experience.”,

and while I already knew this, somehow, the way he explained it, sparked my understanding in an inspiring new way.

Which of course, I’m going to share with you.

I’ve often thought of love, abundance, success and happiness as energy frequencies or states of consciousness that we work to ‘tune-into’. However, during his lecture, I had an ‘Ah-ha’ moment, as I gained a new insight or way of seeing things. The beauty of life isn’t something we need to ‘tune into’; it’s something that surrounds us, like a fish in water, and is the experience that we live in.

Everything you want, the love, the success, the joy, the peace and yes, the happiness, it’s all around you, as it’s ONLY your current thought stream, (the clouds), that are filtering what you are and are not able to see and experience.

So how do you get clarity through your cloudy filter?

The short answer; INTENTION!

When you set an intention, you are declaring a new state of being, a desire you want fulfilled or a feeling you want to experience. This intention helps you to re-prioritize that which you want to experience in such a way that provides you clarity in those areas that may be currently grey and cloudy.

If you are currently focused on there not being enough or repeating thoughts like “I’m Broke!”, those clouds are going to act as a filter, blocking out any idea that isn’t inline with your thinking. However, when you choose a particular intention, for example, “I intend on being abundant and connecting with financial opportunities that will help me achieve my prosperous vision.”, your mind starts clearing away the clouds, so that you can clearly see all the abundant opportunities that surround you.

Making Your Dreams a Reality Life Tip :: Setting intentions is a spiritual practice that allows you to see more clearly in those areas you want to experience. If you want more love, abundance, health and happiness, intend on seeing and feeling them, and I assure you, they will show up to the degree that you believe.

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