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Ask Better Questions

Ask Better Questions

Have you ever noticed that your life experiences are an outer reflection of the questions you ask yourself?


Take a moment to ponder this; the reason why you live where you live, eat what you eat, wear what you wear and do what you do for a living, is because they were the best answers you had for the questions you asked yourself about survival.

Now you might be thinking “Umm, Morgan, that’s rather obvious.” to which I will respond “Fabulous!”, because that means that this next idea should be fairly simple to understand.

If you can see that you are living out the answers to the questions you ask yourself, and there are parts of your life that you’re not enjoying or aren’t quite on par with your desires, then perhaps it’s time to shift and elevate the quality of questions you’re asking.

You see, if you’re asking yourself limiting questions about what’s available to you, your answers can only match those limiting questions. For instance, if you feel your dead-end job is the only way you can make enough money to survive, then the type of questions you will ask yourself about your job will mostly revolve around all the things you need to do to keep it. However, if you began to expand the quality of your questions to include the idea of your own business, then the answers that you would experience may look like searching the internet for home-based business or talking to colleagues who may want to venture out too. The point is, when you shift the quality of questions you ask yourself, the experiences of your answers have to shift to.

So, how do you begin?

You start by asking yourself in a very sincere and authentic way ‘Who do I want to be?’ Now mind you, you don’t have to know the answer to this question right away, though I dare say you probably already have a bit of an inkling as to who that is. However, if you have no clue or need some inspiration to finely tune it, it’s perfectly okay to look around to see who other people are being, for this process of observing can often serve as a great foundation to help expand your awareness or consciousness in a desired direction.

Once you have achieved some level of clarity of who you want to be moving forward, when you come up against new experiences, instead of responding as you have always done, take a moment to pause so that you can ask yourself “How would the version of me I’d like to be handle this situation?”, and see if your answer to this new question helps you to achieve a better result from the experience.

When you feel some comfort in showing up more frequently as the version of you that you want to experience, I would then invite you to start visioning your future from this new perspective. So, if the version of you that you want to experience lives a certain way, start asking yourself what that looks like, then follow your inspiration accordingly.

Life Tip :: You are only ever living out the answers to questions you ask yourself… so make sure they’re the ones you want answered.

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