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Be the Person of Your Dreams

Any where you go, there you are, regardless of time, space, place, or situation.


What this means is that EVERYWHERE you go, you take the REAL YOU/- your thoughts, beliefs, fears, and perspective, with you.  So, even if you join the new fancy gym, buy the top of the line daily planner, or hire a premiere matchmaker to help you make the changes you keep fantasizing about in your mind, if you bring your “old thinking” to the new situation, you’re just going to get more of what you’ve been in experiencing up until now.


The reason for this is because your reality can only reflect back to you what you’re putting out there energetically.  So, even if I gave you a million dollars today, if you haven’t taken on the belief that having a million dollars is possible for you, or if you have some kind of fear about managing it, it’s going to slip right through your fingers.


Just like your commitment to your New Year’s Resolutions.


To get any kind of lasting change, you must first address yourself at the core/ – your mind.  To do this, ask yourself, “Who do I want to be?” and “How do I want to feel?” in each of the main areas of your life.


For example, with regard to your relationship goals, you would ask yourself… “Who do I want to be in this relationship?” and then write down at least 3-5 ideas about who you want to be in your relationship.


Underneath that, you would write down, “How do I want to feel in this relationship?” and then write down 3-5 ways you want to feel in your relationship.


Once you have identified who you want to be, and how you want to feel, the rest is about practice.


To become this new version of yourself, the one that’s enjoying good health and abundance, success in their career, and a happy and healthy relationship, practice being this person in mind first.


Some techniques to become the person of your dreams ::

* Practice being the version of you that you want to be
* See life through their eyes.
* Make choices you believe they would make.
* Treat people as generously and kindly as they would.
* Feel as secure, successful, happy, and loved as they would.


Let your every thought, word, and action come from the version of you that you would like to be as thought it has already happened, and you have arrived/- and watch how easily you become, and maintain, the new and improved version of yourself that you want to be.


Lots of love, peace, + happiness!

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