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Being is More Important than Doing

Being is More Important than Doing

“OMG… I’m so busy.”


“Oh no, you have nooooooo idea how busy I am.”


“But wait, my life is soooo hectic, I haven’t had time to….”


The way we walk around sharing how busy we are, you’d think there’s a prize for who dies being the busiest.


But why all the doing, doing, doing.


Last time I checked, I wasn’t a human-doing, but rather, I am a human-being.  Meaning, my main job while here on planet earth is being/- not doing.


This isn’t to say that I think we should be lounging on our bums all day.  But more specifically, that we must find balance between the two/- especially if we’re learning how to more consciously create our lives.


Last weekend I had the pleasure of my first “glamping” experience at the Carvan Outpost in Ojai. And as you can possibly image, I actually slowed down a bit (kinda… lol), and took in the nature all around me.


The experience allowed me to be still, and go within, a bit more than my own “busy life” normally does.


And from this place, I was reminded that when I’m busy doing, I’m coming from fear.  Fear that I’m not good enough, fear that I won’t “win”, or hit the mark.  And the adrenaline keeps me going.


But you may be thinking “Morgan, I’m busy and don’t [always] feel that way.”


To which I’ll say… being busy with inspired action isn’t the same as being “busy, busy, busy.”


Spirit knows what needs to be done, and moves simply, and with ease.  Our ego spins us, urging us to constantly be in motion, or “doing something” to feel purposeful.


When we know who we are, and allow spirit to move us forward, we realize our dreams more quickly, and with ease.  And when we’re being “busy” – we’re making our job much harder than it has to be.


So on this episode of #AskMysMorgan, I share why who you’re BEING is more important than anything you’re DOING when it comes to achieving your dreams.




Now I’d love to hear from you…


Do you feel like being busy gives you more value?  Do you have a hard time just being in the moment?  If just “being” is something that you struggle with, or have struggled with, please leave your comments or questions below.  And I’ll address everyone of them.


To your spirit + SUCCESS! ~ ❤ M


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