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A Child’s Secret to Energy

A Child’s Secret to Energy

Have you ever noticed how much energy children have – – that no matter how much physical exertion they demonstrate, they just seem to keep going-and-going-and-going? 

When you read the above question, did your mind begin to create a positive thought stream? Thinking ideas like “Yes, it’s so fabulous how they have so much energy to enjoy life.  I wish I could tap into some of that.” or did you take on a negative thought stream, thinking thoughts such as “Tell me about it. The ones I know never EVER stop!

If you were the former, congratulations, as that is an indication that you see children for what they are, pure expressions of love energy in action. If you hold the beliefs of the latter however,  I would like to offer you a new perspective to contemplate, as perhaps it will help you to tap into your own child like energy.

Children are so full of energy because they are so full of love.  It is we, as grown adults who have swallowed the false fear-based illusions of this physical reality. Fostering our initial human programming by producing on-going experiences in lack, scarcity and separation, with beliefs that hard work and shouldering heavy burdens are the only keys to success.  Children know so much better than we, with regard to experiencing a life full of love and energy.  They create support systems and communities, through their innocence and idealism, with the energy of love and connectivity.

Rather than seeing children, as individuals in a state of hyper activity, see if you can shift your perspective to seeing them as people looking for more ways to use the love they feel inside, to manifest happy experiences in reality.  Do not try to ‘program’ your children into this perceived nightmare of lack and limitation, rather help them to take the bountiful supply of energy (love) they are trying to express, and disciple them into using it to create worlds that we have not yet dreamed of.

Child’s Energy Life tip ::

We can only ever experience someone through our own personal perception.  Therefore, rather than allowing someone’s high energy to disturb you, try to see what belief it is that you’re holding onto that won’t allow you to resonate with people in high energy states of being.

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