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The More Consistent Your Thoughts… The More Consistent Your Life

Chaos is a natural part of our human experience. While at times it serves as an indication that we are evolving into the next phase of our evolution, more often than not, it is a sign of inconsistency of thought, in terms of creating our desired life experiences. When we experience chaos in our personal relationships, work satisfaction or wellness, that is a clear indicator that we need to take a look at the thoughts and ideas that we’re nurturing in our head.

Examples of Chaotic Thought Streams creating Chaotic Results:

THOUGHT STREAM :I don’t know what job to take, I’m smarter than my boss, I don’t know if I can keep up with these college grads, I’ve got 20 + years on the job, I don’t want to start all over with new people, I so deserve a pay raise.

PHYSICAL RESULTS : Multiple offers that don’t ‘fit the bill’ or none at all.

THOUGHT STREAM : I’m so fat.. ugh, I need to loose 50 million pounds, I’ve always gotten any guy I’ve ever wanted, I don’t know if I want someone trying to control me, I really wish I had someone to hold me at night, I deserve love and I know it, there are no good guys out there.

PHYSICAL RESULTS : A string of bad dates… some failed relationships or no dating at all.

Now ask yourself, are your thoughts consistent or are they really bouncing all over the place?

By taking time to focus in on your thought stream (the continuous, flowing series of ideas, concepts and images that run through your mind) you will be better able to focus on creating consistent patterns from which you can grow.

While it sounds simple enough to get our thoughts to line up in a consistent stream of habitual thinking, it’s not always easy. Two ways that I use regularly to gain clarity are yoga/meditation and writing exercises. By engaging in a regular daily yoga/meditation practice I am able to still my body enough to OBSERVE the thoughts that travel through my mind, gently redirecting or discarding those that no longer serve me. I also use writing exercises to get my thoughts together on paper, so that I can SEE where I need to spend more time focusing on my desired result… making order out of the chaos.

Consistent Life Tip ::

The more you can create a system of consistency in your thought system (i.e. focusing on a certain job, relationship, home or experience) the more your consistent your life experiences will show up in your world… helping you to better create a LIFE OF YOUR OWN DESIGN.

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