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The Difference Between Failure & Success is Confidence

The Difference Between Failure & Success is Confidence


Oh how you seduce, and elude me
Wrapping me up in feelings of assurance, bliss, and happiness
Then abandoning me in my most desperate times of need

You are like a magic genie, just waiting to grant my deepest wish
And if only I could embody you, you’d enhance my life experience
But I am only human, with all my ego-based frailties
So for now I’ll just appreciate you, when you show up in my reality


I was born with a really interesting personality trait… unfounded C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E!

Since I can remember, when it came to just about everything from meeting new people, innovating on a new concept or idea… or man-oh-man, getting to be in front of an audience – wild dogs couldn’t keep me away.  And, for the record, it didn’t matter if I had studied, researched, or practiced whatever it was that I wanted to do – I would just jump in with both feet, and enjoy the process of the journey.

Although this trait has served me well, as I’ve had amazing jobs, relationships, and businesses that I was “technically” too young and not educated enough for, there have been times that I occasionally ended up in hot water for not looking before I leap. And the combination of these different types of outcomes has taught me something EXTREMELY important about confidence…

While having confidence in a certain area can be earned through trial and error, and just plain’ol experience, as a way of being, it’s not something you so much acquire, but rather it’s about choosing how you want to believe. Developing a skill can make you feel more competent however, confidence is an emotion or feeling that you generate through a belief-system or thought-stream that says “I will achieve my desired outcome in this, or any situation.

For example, when I decided that I was going to be the Director of the Marketing firm I was working for by age 21, I chose to believe it was possible for me, and did the work accordingly – securing national accounts that my older counter-parts were too “scared” to go after.  The same is true when at the age of 25, I up-rooted my then boyfriend over 60 miles to live near Hollywood, so I could be an associate television producer on a show that hadn’t officially offered me a job yet.  And in the middle of the experience, had to deal with the loss of my father, and everything that went with it, only to secure the job 2 weeks later. 

I can name you numerous other experiences such as being in politics, owning a record label, as well as a couple of other businesses, securing various media placements, and most recently, writing my first book, and receiving amazing speaking opportunities. And the thing that’s made the difference, each and every time I manifested my idea, is that I chose to believe that not only was my desire possible for me, but that it was the most probable outcome based on me being me.

Next time you question your confidence, remember – you don’t always need to know exactly what to do, you just need to have faith that whatever it is you choose, it will work out for the best, as we always evolve from each and every experience.


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