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Don’t be Mad About Your Experiences: You Needed the Lessons

Don’t be Mad About Your Experiences: You Needed the Lessons

Holding on to anger is one of the biggest hiccups we encounter when it comes to manifesting our goals and dreams – the other is replaying our history.  And, when you combine the two… being mad about something that happened in your past, you clog up  your thought-stream, leaving little to no room for positive ideas to come through for you to create better future experiences.  

You see, each life experience we have represents the sum total of our ideas, values, and beliefs on that given subject.  And, if you regularly entertain past wrongs, mistakes, or experiences that didn’t go your way, you bring that energy into the present moment, making it that much more difficult for you to feel the freedom, success, or happiness you crave. 

Everything you’ve been through, on some level, you co-created. Whether it was liking the “wrong” guy or girl… taking a job that stroked your ego… or investing in something that was going nowhere fast… you were at minimum a volunteer for those experiences.  And, if you want to take full responsibility, you’ll see where you actually had a hand in co-creating them, via your thoughts and beliefs. 

The reason for this is that we cannot experience something that isn’t in our consciousness – because it’s unfathomable to us.  Additionally, those ideas and beliefs that aren’t in harmony or resonance with who we’re being, usually won’t find their way into our life experiences. If for no other reason than we quickly divert our attention from them, so we can feel good. Hence, in order for you to have an experience, you must mentally, emotionally, and energetically be equal to it. 

Now, before you go berating yourself for any of it, realize that each idea you pursued, you did because it would reveal back to you who you were being in the moment.  Whether this was an anxious intern, who needed on the job training, taking your driver’s test, to make sure you could handle-the-road, or your first love affair, where you didn’t yet know how to set personal boundaries.  You needed these experiences in order to gain the necessary wisdom that would take you to where you want to be along life’s ever evolving journey. 

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