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We’re All Unlearning False Programming

We’re All Unlearning False Programming


While we all have visions about who we would like to be, many of us have false programming that stems all the way back to our childhood, which needs to be address as we work towards making that vision a reality.

I remember when I was developing ideas about who I was as a child, many of the experiences that I was sensitive to caused me to think negatively about who I was in relationship to the world. As I would often cower in the face of adversity, instead of using those opportunities to show me how powerful I could really be. However, now that time has moved on, and I’ve matured and evolved as humans do, I can look back with total gratitude for each one of those moments, as they were only reflecting back to me who I was being. Though it starts with our childhood, every moment of our lives is filled with the opportunity to create internal programming, as every experience we encounter provides us the opportunity to see who we will show up as in relationship to it.

When we expand our awareness to include this perspective, it allows us to see that the very things we find to be challenging in the moment, set the foundation for the wisdom we needed to acquire in order to become the things we are becoming. Therefore, we all must be gentle with ourselves, and others, as each experience we create, beauty and chaos, is meant to reveal to us that current programming, so that we can heal those ideas into that more authentically let us express our being.

LIFE TIP :: Remember that earth is a place for learning, therefore we must be gentle with ourselves and others as we all unlearn our false programming.

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