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Give up What You Want, to Get What You REALLY Want

Get What You Really Want


Give up what you want, to get what you really want.


Sounds simple enough, right?


If what you really want is to be healthy and fit, than you have to give up your current “want” to eat junk food, and start making time to workout regularly at the gym.


Or if you really want to be financially free, than you have give up your current “want” for time with hobbies and friends, so you have more time to invest in activities that make you money.


But let’s face it, just because something simple, doesn’t always mean it’s easy.  And the main reason that giving up what you want to get what you really want can be so challenging, is because the thing you’re settling for is a type of coping mechanism you have developed for dealing with fear.


Fear that what you want is too hard or difficult a goal to reach/- or more specifically, that you don’t have what it takes, or are not worthy of achieving it.  And unfortunately, the idea of failing is usually enough to keep most of us from even starting.


Take for example the situation that inspired today’s topic, from a viewer named Ashley.  Ashley is the manager of a successful retail business, with dreams of owning her own one day.  But, no matter how she longs to wear the title of successful entrepreneur,  her current lifestyle and activities keep her from taking the necessary steps to make that dream a reality.


You see, she constantly has the thing she really wants dangled in front of her, as she says she has often thought of approaching her current boss to be a partner in the store.  But, just when she starts saving up money to present an offer, or starts scouting for a second location, she let’s some vacation, purse, or shiny new car become more important than pursuing her dream of owning her own store.


Understanding that not all of you have dreams of being business owners, but that most of us do want to be healthy and fit to enjoy whatever kind of life we desire, I use both a business and health example to illustrate how and why you need to give up what you want, to get what you really want.  And, some powerful techniques you can use to fill the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.


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By the way, this episode of #AskMysMorgan has an interesting twist, I was able to connect with Ashley before shooting this episode, and what we discovered about what she really wants, and what she needs to do about it, will surprise you.




Now I’d love to hear from you…



Are you settling for something you just “want” instead of going after what you really want?  If you knew you couldn’t fail would that change your motivation to start taking steps towards your desire?


If there’s something you really want, and you’re holding on to a belief that you can’t have it, please leave your comments or questions below, and I will address each and everyone.  And who knows, your comment may help someone else get the insight they need to make their dreams a reality.


To your spirit + SUCCESS! ~ ❤ M


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