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Getting a Grasp on Impulsiveness

Getting a Grasp on Impulsiveness

Do you struggle with impulsiveness?

Does your desire to “know” the outcome of a particular situation ever influence you to make hasty choices that you later regret?

I know that making impulsive choices under the guise that “I KNOW” the outcome of a situation has gotten the better of me far more times than I care to admit.

After looking into what triggers my impulsive choice making, along with identifying the trigger points in many of my clients, I’ve come to realize that we typically make hasty choices in an attempt to relieve ourselves from feeling anxiety, fear, unworthiness and ambiguity, and to create the emotional payoff of feeling “safe”.

For example, you may be looking for someone to fill a particular position in your organization, and when you come across someone you think “fits”, you immediately hire them, only to discover within a few days, weeks, or months, that they weren’t the “right” choice. And that you would have seen that, had you not made such a quick decision in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, just as it is with all of our many capabilities, our ability to make a quick or impulsive decisions serve us in many ways, such as having to order food quickly in a crowded setting, getting off a freeway off-ramp to avoid traffic, or pushing a child to safety. However, outside of these types of circumstances, impulsive choice making in most areas of our lives usually provides us with a short-term solution, clouded with long-term challenges.

So, how can we better manage our impulsiveness?

It’s important to understand that your impulsiveness is typically charged by some kind of fear-based thought or idea, so when you feel influenced to make an impulsive choice, before making it, try to pause to ask yourself..

“What am I afraid of… or what am experience or feeling am I trying to avoid by making a choice right now?”

If you assess that your fear is real, (i.e. you need to make a choice between breaking or swerving to avoid a car crash) then make a choice and see it through. If however, you find that the fear is self-imposed, like you’re afraid if you don’t say “Yes!” to this marriage proposal, you will NEVER get married – then you can decide to give yourself some more time to process what you need to know to make a better choice.

When you set an intention to manifest a particular outcome such as “I’m starting my own business… or I’m buying my first house”, you have to know that Source Energy or Uni-verse is already conspiring with you in order to bring that idea into physical manifestation.  And, during the process from seed to fruition, you’re most likely going to encounter things that “trigger” you into wanting to make impulsive decisions. The key to overcoming these feelings however, isn’t to give into them by making that rash decision, but rather, to figure out a healthy way to soothe your fear, so that you can make a choice that is in your best and highest good, instead of one that let’s you “off the hook” in the moment.

Life Tip :: Situations and people will always reveal themselves through a process of time and evolution… therefore, unless you are on a tight deadline — your best bet is waiting things out until the ideal opportunity presents itself in your experience.

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