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Hitting the RESET BUTTON

Hitting the RESET BUTTON

For more than 15 years the flu season has come and gone, not phasing me or my health in the slightest. However, this year marked the end of that health streak as my seven year old, and over 16 of his school friends decided to share the Influenza A virus with one another, which then hastily made it’s way to me.

Not overly familiar with how the flu effects the body, before I knew what hit me I was knocked out, coughing, wheezing, aching and doing my best to survive what was fast becoming a very powerful low mood. To make things even more of a challenge, in addition to playing nurse to my son who was also experiencing the flu, I decided to use my lack of wellness to beat myself up for thinking whatever thoughts manifested this experience in the first place.

Recently, I’ve been on what I call a ‘winning streak’; I just launched a video coaching course for a dynamic group of women, my team has been booking several speaking engagements for me, and I am gearing up to launch Living Clear T.V. this Spring. So why then all of a sudden would I create an experience that would force me to place all of these ‘good things’ on hold?

Finally, after being brought to my knees (literally), I turned within to inquire “Why did I manifest this?”… to which I received the following insight:

In order for you to hit the ‘RESET BUTTON’.

Astounded by the idea that I would need to ‘reset’ at this moment, I inquired for more information… which of course came to me.

Somewhere in the midst of all of these great experiences that I was manifesting, I was also saying ‘Yes!’ to things that might not have been in my best interest while spreading myself a bit too thin. Additionally, though I didn’t want to admit it in the moment, I was also letting certain outside influences push me in directions that weren’t really authentic to the message I want to share with you.

You see, while it was super frustrating to be ill, and I was bugged to the gills with having to cancel things that I believed were going to bring me my desired experiences, being sick really made me take inventory… of EVERYTHING.

Being sick physically caused me to slow down, way down, long enough to really take inventory of my vision, mission and how my ego was pushing me to say ‘YES!’ to things to make it feel special, rather than to be in service.

Wow! Was my getting sick really a blessing?


Even though we have our own time table or ideas on how things are suppose to come into being for us, we will often find that when life creates a detour it may very well time to hit the ‘reset button’ so we can see what better things may be in store for us.


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