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How to Survive Infidelity

how to survive infidelity


If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I’m not really one to sugar coat things, as my clients tell me I tend to deliver most of my insights with lots of candor, and a side of tough-love advice.  And although I don’t always think of myself that way, when it comes to discussing today’s topic, I know I do, as infidelity, or cheating in relationships tends to cause the type of emotional damage that most of us have a hard time healing from.


Why? Because when we find out someone we believed loved us, desired us, valued us, and to whom we returned those same feelings, placed another person before us, we feel like our safety, or our very identity as this person’s significant other, is in jeopardy.  Like someone took a 2X4 to our otherwise stable thought-stream, causing emotional trauma, chaos, and for some, the kind of fear that keeps them loving another for years.


So, what do you do if you think/know your partner is cheating on you?


Do you think your relationship could survive infidelity? And, if your partner has cheated, would you want to?


Let me say this, I have absolutely no judgment on whether a couple wants to stay together, or go their separate ways, when one of more of them has stepped “out” of the relationship.  However,  what is true, regardless of your desire to work things out, or not, is you BOTH need to heal from the experience.


So, on this (slighter longer) episode of Ask Mys. Morgan, I share several powerful insights on how to heal after infidelity. In addition to several practical techniques for staying, or leaving, depending on your choice and circumstances, to help you start the process of getting to the other side of things.






Now I’d love to hear from you…


Have you ever been cheated on?  Or do you suspect your partner of stepping out on you, but you’re not sure what to do about it?


If you’ve ever, or are currently, facing an issue around infidelity, please leave your comments or questions below, and I promise to address every one of them.


To your spirit + SUCCESS! ~ ❤ M


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