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Hurt People… HURT PEOPLE

Hurt People… HURT PEOPLE

HURT People, Hurt PEOPLE

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you lash out at someone?

Probably not very good, right?

That’s because in order for you to entertain ideas about causing hurt or pain to another, you must be experiencing it, at least on some level, within yourself.

In order to better explain this concept to people, I sometimes offer the following illustration…

When you squeeze an Orange, the only thing that comes out is Orange juice.

It doesn’t matter who squeezes the Orange, it doesn’t matter when the Orange is squeezed, the only type of juice you’re going to get out of an Orange is Orange, because that’s all it’s able offer you.

The same is true for a hurt or angry person… it doesn’t matter who does the pushing, when the pushing occurs… or if the pushing is EVEN REAL, if a hurt person even perceives you as someone who is part of their pain, they’re going to direct their hurt at you.

The benefit to fully grasping this understanding, is this…

Once you realize that people are only mean and hurtful because they’re in pain, it helps you release some of your emotional attachment to them, and the experience, because you are now able to see them from a deeper level of compassion and understanding.


Hurt People… HURT PEOPLE :: When someone hurts you, before you take it personally, remind yourself that people who lash out at us, normally do so because of the pain and fear they’re experiencing within.

By making this reminder part of your habitual mindset, you will be able to more easily slough-off the less-than-desirable things that people do and say to you.

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