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If You Can’t Change Your Mind, You’re Not Using It Right

If You Can’t Change Your Mind, You’re Not Using It Right


I don’t know about you but, there have been moments in my life where I could just about swear that I wasn’t the one in control of the thoughts I was thinking because… well, my goodness… quite frankly, I couldn’t believe that I would EVER intentionally think thoughts that would make me feel so bad.

However, when FEELING GOOD became my TOP PRIORITY, I felt strong enough to look at those times I felt I was a bit “outta-control,” in my thinking, so that I could identify what triggered this kind of thought-stream.

In so doing, I realized that when we clearly identify the fear-based trigger, we are able to self-soothe more quick and easily, restoring our thought-stream to a productive and happy place.

If you struggle with moments that feel like your thoughts are thinking you, instead of the other way around, here are a few ideas you may want to consider ::

1. When you feel anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, or anger… these signals are meant to let you know that you’re afraid of the potential outcome of a situation that you are entertaining, (and hence, creating) and need to either shift your thoughts on the matter, or give that thought-stream a rest altogether.

2. When you react to life instead of co-create with life, you open yourself up to feeling powerless or like a “victim” to the things that happen to you more often. Therefore, practice more consciously creating your day by writing down how you want things to go.

3. Don’t wait until you’ve created a “panic moment” to practice reminding yourself that you are the one in control of your thoughts… make reminding yourself that you can change your mind on any idea you choose, as often as you choose, a daily practice to strengthen up that muscle.

If our thoughts and ideas make up the experiences of our life story, than learning to direct our minds towards the paths we want to go down must be a top priority.

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