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It’s About the WHO… Not the HOW

It’s About the WHO… Not the HOW

It's about the who not the how


One of the most common questions I get asked is “How do I do/be/have the thing I want most?”

And while it’s really tempting for me to give a specific answer to either a) put out a fire or b) show someone what to do to achieve their desire… I’ve found another, more effective way to show them how to succeed at most anything they’re trying to achieve.

And, now I’m going to share it with you…

The key to achieving your dream isn’t as much about understanding the HOW’s of something, as there are many ways to get just about anything done… but, more specifically, it’s about WHO you are being, that brings the things you want into your life experience!

We ALL play various roles in life, and as our belief in these roles deepen, we attract to ourselves the people, things, and experiences that match our chosen identity.

Accordingly, if you want to succeed at something, you’re going to want to set-up a solid foundation from which to start… and you do this by shifting your identity (the way you see yourself) towards being the person who is already experiencing the things you now desire.

And as you make this shift, you’ll discover that you see life differently.

Perhaps you’ll notice things around you that were right in front of you, but, you didn’t see before. You may also meet new people and connect to opportunities that you hadn’t thought to explore.

When you decide on who you’re going to be first… and make choices based on this identity… you’ll experience more of what you need to succeed at achieving your dreams.
If you want to SUCCEED, you have to focus on the who, not the how!

SUCCESS EXERCISE :: Write out your answers to the following questions, as this will help you see where your identity is equal to your desires, and where you need to shift or elevate it.

If I was BEING the person I want to be… without ANY FEAR or limitations…

1) Where would I live? (City, type of home, etc.)
2) What kind of work or contribution would I be making to the world?
3) What kind of transportation would I use?
4) What kind of food would I eat?
5) What kind of people would I spend my time with?
6) What hobbies would I be pursuing?

Once you answer all these questions, there will be one last question that you’ll want to ponder…

Who do I need to BE, in order to have these types of experiences?

And when you discover who that is… and contemplate it with focus and energy, your subconscious mind will begin to generate ideas that will help you embody your new identity… and attract to you all the trappings that come with it… including SUCCESS!

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