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Life is the Canvas & I am the Painter

Life is the Canvas & I am the Painter

Do you ever think about how or why it is that you get the experiences in life that you do?

If you’re like almost everyone I know, the answer to that is “Of course I do.

We all want to know why we get the house or job that we do, why our relationships with our parents, friends, and co-workers are what they are, and what is it that we’re doing to get the better, or worse, end of the stick in certain circumstances.

The way we get the experiences that we do is because of the ideas that we paint onto the canvas of our mind. Just like when a painter activates their imagination, as they choose the colors and imagery for their next master piece, so too do we pick out thoughts and ideas to play with in our mental imagery, as we imagine how it would be to have our desired experience.

When you decide that you want a particular experience, you play with ideas that support your vision until you find just the right ones to bring it into fruition. Then, just like a painter, you select and layer your colorful ideas as necessary in order to create your reality as you want it to be. However, when the painting is done, rather than something to hang on your wall, your final masterpiece is creating your desired experience.


Life Tip :: Treat every thought or idea like a color that you are painting on to the canvas of your life to make it look like you want it to be.

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