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How to Live More Fabulously

How to Live More Fabulously

Because of the work I do, people frequently come to me wanting help in learning to live more fabulously.


They’ll say things like “Morgan, I know EXACTLY what I want, but, I don’t know how to make it happen?” or another common version I get is “How come I can see other people who are living their dreams, but, I can’t seem to crack-the-code?”


When I explain that… the reason other people experience higher levels of success, health, happiness, or relationship bliss, do so because, the stories they believe about who they are, and what’s possible for them are different than yours… a lightbulb goes off, and begins to shine a little brighter.


In other words, they began to see how their perspective about life effects what they experience in their reality.


If you’re frustrated with not being able to achieve the levels of health, wealth, and happiness you desire, the solution could be as simple as shifting your thought-stream from ideas like… “Life is hard and challenging.” to “Everything always works out for me.”


Seriously, try saying both of those phrases out loud, and see which one makes you feel more expanded, as though the things you want are possible.


Accordingly, if you’re struggling to make your life more happy and fulfilling, you need to allow more ideas for fabulous living to enter your thought-stream… and when they do, entertain them as much and often as possible, so that you’re dominate belief or elevate perspective includes those ideas as possible for you to experience in your physical reality.

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