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When You Love Life… It ALWAYS Loves you Back

When You Love Life… It ALWAYS Loves you Back

Do you love and enjoy life… or are you just tolerating it enough to get through?  

If you’re like me, and most everyone I know, the truth is probably a little bit of both. You have those days or experiences that make you feel passionate, free, and ALIVE… and those situations that make you sad, mad, or frustrated… questioning the meaning of it all. 

The thing is… that emotion that you’re feeling, negative or positive, isn’t in direct response to the thing you’re experiencing… but, rather the other way around.  It is your thinking and feeling that is creating or causing the unfoldment of the situation. 

The thoughts that you think and the words that you speak,
become the world that you live in. ~ M 

As you may know, I’m a mother of a beautiful nine year old boy, who recently enjoyed his last week of Summer vacation. Together, we planned to make each day amazing, which is big for me because I almost never take more than one day at a time off. No… we didn’t plan any kind of European vacation, or even a trip to Sea World or Disneyland… but, we set an intention to make everyday count. (Bonus Benefit :: My baby is now Boogie Boarding)

Each day, I would think (over and again) to myself “I really want to get the most out of today. I want to love, enjoy, and milk every moment for as much happiness as I possibly can.”  And, the result of created and committing to that intention created such a consistent and elevated emotion-stream, that I’m actually sharing it with you. 

Now, keep in mind that my idea of feeling free, alive, and passionate, won’t necessarily match yours… but, the feelings of peace, bliss, and happiness might, when you decide to love life first. 

My (super-charged) commitment to love life with all I’ve got produced ::

Gains ::

  • Invitations to speak at two events, and a conference (including some much desired travel plans)
  • 2 new full-time clients
  • 3 new professional contacts to move some of my projects forward
  • 1 (real) new friend
  • Quality time with my son, family, and friends

Losses :: 

  • A reduction in social media engagement to about 10% (Yes, I still used Hootsuite
  • No major hair-styling (I am the blow-out queen) or make-up (I’ve been known to go almost full face to the gym – no joke)
  • No dressing up, no intentional networking
  • Being stressed that something was going to fall through the cracks because I was trying to balance too many things at one time. 

Like I said, these may not be your bench markers but, letting go and then receiving so much (just for being happy) was a reminder to me that when we love life… it ALWAYS LOVES US BACK. 



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