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Mastering Life’s Lessons

Mastering Life’s Lessons

For just a moment, I’d like to invite you to think of a skill you learned rather easily… perhaps you saw someone do it once, liked what you saw, and just did it. Or, maybe you heard about the process and benefits of this idea, and decided you could master the understanding of it with some focus and energy. 

Now, I’d like you to think of a skill that was rather difficult for you to master. Perhaps you needed to not only hear about or see it… but, you had to experience some kind of painful trauma surrounding the idea of it, such as facing a health challenge, loosing a relationship, or going broke, before you allowed yourself to be motivated enough to master the lesson or understandings you need to move forward on your journey. 

If you notice, whether you were lead to master the lesson via signals of pleasure… or brought to this space kicking and screaming in emotional or physical pain, you are always being lead to the next necessary experience or lesson for the evolution of your soul.  Therefore, you never have to worry about where you are in proportion to where you believe anyone else is in mastering the lessons they have to learn in this life’s journey, as we are all exactly where we need to be, according to our consciousness.

One way you can better understand this concept is to look at the re-occurring patterns or themes in your life. These could range anywhere from the types of jobs you’ve had, and how long you’ve stayed with them to, your dating and relationship history, health and fitness routines, or even addictions or negative habits you’ve picked up.  As each of these areas of your life serve as opportunities for the expansion of your awareness, and evolution of your soul. 

Subsequently, when you identify these patterns, you will see some of the predominate ideas or areas that your soul wants to expand in. And, in so doing, you can see where eventually, though maybe not in the order you were expecting, you are always growing and mastering those ideas necessary for the betterment of your life, and soul. 

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