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Maybe You Don’t Need Courage After ALL

Maybe You Don’t Need Courage After ALL

Can you recall a time when you felt scared or overwhelmed by a situation you were creating in your world? Are you able to remember the type of thoughts you were thinking while you were going through that process? If you take a moment to reflect back on the type of thoughts you were thinking at the time, I’m sure it will become very apparent that it was your thoughts about the situation, and not the experience itself, that caused you so much anxiety.

For instance, you’re preparing a second interview for a job you really want to get, however, rather than focusing your attention on only supportive thoughts that help you connect to your goal, such as “Wow, they must like me as I got a call back! I’m going to be paid so well for using my creativity to bring value to others.” you’re focusing your thoughts on ideas such as “I want the job but, I’m not sure I’m good enough… I bet the other candidates have higher degrees of learning or more experience than I do.”

If you choose to follow the fear-based thought stream, you will have to spend an equal, if not greater time trying to muster up the courage to face and ‘conquer’ your fear so that you can bring your desired experience into reality. If however, you choose to focus your energy on those thoughts that support you in reaching your end goal, you don’t have to muster up the courage to sooth your fears in the first place.

Life Tip ::

It is only necessary to summon up your courage if you’ve sufficiently created the kind of fear in your life that needs to be soothed in the first place.

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