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The Inside Scoop

If you’re “stuck,” blocked, stressed, anxious, or mentally, emotionally, or spiritually suffering… you’re not alone,      I can help.


Hello Luv ~ I’m Morgan McKean, and I help people just like you to stop hurting emotionally by showing you how to FINALLY let go of your fears, false-beliefs, and the B.S. stories in your head that are keeping you from living the life of your dreams.  And teach you how to open up your heart, access your inner wisdom, and take conscious control of your thinking, so that you can design your destiny.

My Story

I was born an Intuitive and Empath, with a knack for helping people to increase their confidence and self-esteem, and to navigate the beautiful, yet sometimes murky waters of the human experience.
I first dipped my toe into spirituality and the human-potential movement at the ripe old age of six, and it has become a life-long love affair – which I now share with others to teach them how they can access their intuition, and develop more self-love, clarity, and peace, so that they can be the conscious creators of their reality.

However, please don’t think just because of my spiritual gifts or understandings that my life has been a bed of roses. Just like you, I’ve had self-esteem issues, have given into emotional eating, been in less than desirable relationships, and did some career hopping in my 20’s, trying to figure out what I could do that would make me successful and HAPPY.
While I can’t say my life is now perfect (because really, no one’s is), I’m pretty happy with it, and the person I’ve become. And the fact that I get to show others how to fill their lives with peace, success, and happiness, makes my life pretty fabulous.

What I 


I believe that we were all born with intuition or a sixth-sense, and that when we tap into it, we will be guided by our inner wisdom to our best and highest good.
I believe that by shifting our thoughts, values, and beliefs to support our desires, we can consciously create our life the way we want it to be.
I believe that our emotions serve as part of an internal feedback system, helping to guide us in the direction of our deepest desires and dreams.
I believe that by taking conscious control of our thoughts, programming, and belief-system, we can put an end to our emotional suffering.
I believe that happiness is the “true north,” of our emotional compass, and the more thoughts we can think that cultivate “good feelings,” the more our desires become our reality.
I believe in LOVE.
And most importantly, I believe we get to choose what we believe.

Professionally Speaking

I have 20+ years of experience in spiritual transformation, including; accessing your intuition, and increasing your self-love, confidence and communication skills – which I first used as a producer on shows like Warner Bros.’s “Change of Heart,” and Paramount Pictures’ “Rendez-View.”


Co-host of the new advice show “Ask Mys. Morgan”, I have been using my spiritual gifts  to lead powerful talks, workshops, and other multi-media events, as well as worked with hundreds of people personally for almost a decade – so they can use those tools to Design Their Destiny

Read some of their stories HERE.


I am the author of the self-help book “Becoming Princess Charming,” which features six session-chapters with me, including; Fun, Food, & Fitness, and Men, Money, & Meaning – and has been a hit with  bloggers, in helping them to create their very own real-life fairy tale.  

You can get your copy HERE (You’re welcome!)


I, and my advice for living, have been featured on media outlets like The Daily Love, OC Metro,, Coco Eco Magazine, Women’s Day Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Aspire Magazine, SHE KNOWS, and Perspectives radio – see more HERE.


Miscellaneous Morsels


I’m most proud of being a mother, and raising my son almost entirely on my own since he day he was born/- which has now been more than a decade. Wow!
I’m a Pisces, with an Aries moon, and absolutely no earth in my chart.  Meaning, I’m highly intuitive, empathic, compassionate, and direct, as well as super creative, amiable, and kind, but not particularly grounded. (Get your natal chart here.
I’m a California native. And while I love to travel, I have lived here (outside of music and film projects), my entire life. 
I’m a vegetarian, who frequently wanders into veganism and raw foodism, but still occasionally likes frozen yogurt and to add cheese to certain things. 
I love Ganesha, Chai tea lattes, green smoothies, deep conversations, spiritual ideas, walking on the beach, reading, silence (yep… being quiet is a virtue), and pedestrian friendly living. 

When I’m not working – you will usually find me working out, writing, hanging with friends, or spending time with my son on some of Southern California’s finest beaches.

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