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Participating in the Evolution of a New Paradigm

Participating in the Evolution of a New Paradigm

Einstein said “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”, and as it so happens, I would agree. Though, rather than seeing the world anew, I find that increasing my awareness so that I may evolve my consciousness past an issue allows my mind to better digest the concept.

In order to evolve, our mind must expand to include a larger perspective, which is why we create problems, as the experience of them allows us to birth, or further experience a particular aspect of ourselves. In fact, if it’s of any comfort, I believe we create problems for the sole purpose of solving them, so as to evolve our soul into deeper levels of compassion, love and understanding. Those of us who have chosen to experience more ‘issues — perceived problems’ have decided to take a more accelerated life course.

Though it is widely accepted that we are spirits having a human experience, many of us fail to realize that our biggest fears are realized when we are in human form. Whether it’s experiencing physical trauma for the first time in the birthing process, learning to maneuver a physical body or having no memory of who we are, it’s enough to make any one of us give up. Hence why the human life span used to be shorter, as our spirit bodies couldn’t stand the experience of separation from spirit form for any longer.

Of course we have built up a tolerance over time, as we’ve learned that the only way to transcend the human experience is to evolve. This is why we’re creating so much chaos and destruction in our world, because we are working towards breaking through the chains of old thinking. And it’s those very chains of thinking that are trying so hard to hold us in a consciousness that we’re fast outgrowing.

Just tune into your own community and you will see where the collective consciousness is evolving through old thinking as we publicly announce our dissatisfaction with politics, war, education systems, food availability, materialism is out of control, and failing healthcare systems, as we create higher levels of poverty and dis-ease than ever known in our human history (cause if you look for it, you’ll find it – we’re such amazing manifestors).

This is where your personal evolution becomes part of the process, as those of us who best embrace the fast shifting paradigm will experience it with the most ease and grace. By simply shifting your perspective to one of understanding, you will be able to welcome the horror that you see, for it is here and will continue to come; embrace it for the beauty that it is, for we are witnessing and participating in the birth of a new collective consciousness, free to express itself in full form after the destruction of our current physical reality.

Welcome the destruction that you see, for this is always a sign that things are about to be born anew. Our job is to accept that we are part of the I AM that created all of this. Therefore, there is nothing about this new paradigm to fear, just our fear of fear itself — so, when it shows up in your world, acknowledge it, and release it with love.

Commune and connect with other like-minded individuals, as their energy in your world is meant to support you in your evolvement. They are meant to challenge your growth, and will often offer you opportunities to experience problems and evolve past them. Begin to see your challenges as your greatest gifts, for if the purpose is to evolve in this new paradigm of human existence, these gifts will always reveal a deeper level to our being.


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