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Your Passion is an Indication of Your Purpose

Your Passion is an Indication of Your Purpose

Despite what you may have heard, your life is not pre-destined, nor is there a board somewhere in the Uni-verse on which your purpose is written… as the purpose of your life is that which you declare it to be.

Sound confusing? Okay, let me clarify.

When someone declares that they have discovered their purpose, what they’re really saying is, “I have had enough positive experiences, with regard to this idea about myself, that I now know through my ability to create these positive results that this must be my path… or purpose.” Hence, the way that you begin to identify or discover your purpose is by examining those ideas, values, and activities that make your heart soar, and time stand still, while you’re engaged in them.

You see, while we are not pre-destined, we are all born with certain predispositions towards a great many things. I myself am hugely attracted to creativity, spirituality, philosophy, performing, and communication. However, what determined my purpose was how I chose to use them, given my consciousness and circumstances, and not through some pre-arranged agreement I made before I got here.

In fact, before I got to the place I am now (totally in “the zone” and living what I’ve CHOSEN to be my purpose), I had to try on many of them, in a variety of ways, to see which one I wanted to spend the time of my life pursuing… which incidentally is a unique combination of several of them… spirituality being the lead.

So, if you’re currently feeling stagnate, or unsure of which direction to take your life, might I suggest the following exercise ::

  • Write a list of your top five to ten favorite ideas and or activities. It could be numbers, physical activity, the arts, mechanics, fashion, or healing people.
  • Next to each idea, write two to three ways you could express yourself in this way. If it’s art, list the type of art you would like to create – if it’s numbers, list how you could use math to calculate any number of things.
  • Now, if you need/want your purpose to bring you income, underneath the ways you could express yourself in this way, write down some ways you could use this passion to create a profit.

While you may not strike gold immediately upon completing this exercise, you will be able to identify your predispositions, and after exploring the possibilities regarding those that make your “heart sing” most, you will be well on your way to discovering how you want to spend the time of your life.


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