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Morgan is an amazing person, Mystic, and Intuitive Life Coach! She really makes you think about what you want (even when you have no clue what that is), how you are going to get it, and why you deserve it. Her personality is so welcoming it is easy to open up and explore your true potential.


Speaking with Morgan one on one and having her speak at my event has helped me to realize both personal and professional goals.  No matter where you may be in your personal and professional journey, vocalizing your battles and victories to someone is an incredible way to gain insight. She truly is amazing at producing results that you can measure. I recommend Morgan to anyone ready to see success in their future! At our last event I heard nothing but great feedback from the audience, it felt wonderful passing on the gift of Morgan’s talent and motivation with our guests.


Editor-N-Chief  L.A. Travel Magazine


Morgan has a true gift. Her direct, yet gentle guidance is refreshing and deeply impactful. If you’re seeking answers and are ready to step forward in your life and career,  I highly recommend connecting with her.


Certified Holistic Health Coach

+ Professional Ballet Dancer


Morgan McKean is the grande finale!


I asked Morgan to speak at the 2nd annual Holistic Fashionista conference “The Social” in Los Angeles, and it was the best decision I could have made for the women who attended.


Not only was her keynote talk inspiring and invigorating, she empowered the human mind to take a new action. She is full of life with a wisdom far beyond her years. I’m truly blessed to have witness her gift firsthand and to call her a friend.



Founder + Editor-n-Chief
Holistic Fashionista Magazine + Academy

the thoughts that you think and the words that you speak, become the world that you live in. ~ M

Behind every great person, there is a team of people that helps keep them clear, confident, and in the zone – so that they can perform at their best. Kinda of like a “secret weapon” to accomplish their goals and objectives. Mystic + Intuitive Mentor, Morgan McKean is such a person, as I rely on her intuitive guidance, as well as her understanding of human-potential and dynamics, to help me tap into my inner wisdom so I can maintain balance and achieve my goals.


Award-Winning Author “Fahim Speaks” / Actor

Fahim Fazli - "Fahim Speaks"

I met Morgan during an enormous transition in both my professional and personal life. I had spent years stuck in a cycle of striving for perfection and beating myself up for falling short of an impossible standard. Not only has Morgan helped me to love and accept my weakness, but she has given me invaluable tools in which to maximize my strengths to be the best and most spiritually centered version of myself possible.


Learning to be my “Inner Rockstar” as she would say…. has translated to immeasurable successes in all areas of my life, and provided me with effective tools to use when life’s struggles arise. Morgan will literally hand you the keys to success in all areas of your life… and all you have to do is choose to use them. It’s that simple.


Danielle Tarango Design

Danielle Tarango

You know how there’s always that one person that shines bright and bubbles over with enthusiasm and contagious inspiration? That’s Morgan McKean!


As a working mother, I can get busy, stressed, and forget to focus on myself. Morgan has this beautiful way of reminding me to NOT get caught up in the day-to-day stressors, and to keep my eyes on those things I want to manifest most.


Morgan is also a LIFE SAVER! I invited Morgan to participate on the panel of my Live Relationship Event. And, when things got hectic, Morgan stepped right in and led the audience through a guided meditation that entertained and engaged participants, and really started the show with a BANG!


Whether you need a Mystic, Mentor, or Intuitive Life Coach to work one-on-one with you to achieve your goals, or someone to WOW your audience, Morgan is definitely your go-to-gal to help you make your life better.


Life + Relationship Coach / Entertainer
Built to Last / Gillard Media Group


I was blessed enough to work with Morgan McKean in the beginning of 2012. What an amazing way to start the year! Having her involved with our company has been beneficial is many ways. One key quality she brings to the team is her ability to balance out energy, and keep people calm and centered during high stress situations.


One on one, Morgan has an ability to listen, absorb and advise on the drop of a hat. Her guidance assisted me to dream bigger and live a life I truly want. I look forward to working with her again and again in the future.


Independent Film & Television Producer




When I first met Morgan, I had dreams of becoming a household name in the beauty industry. Today, after applying many of the insights and techniques she offers, I am now the founder of Manna Kadar Cosmetics, and the owner of a chain of tanning salons.


Manna Kadar Cosmetics


I have been blessed to have the opportunity of knowing Morgan on both a personal and professional level. I have participated in a variety of Morgan’s workshops and private one-on-one sessions, and can say every experience has proven to be an enriching and powerful one.


Morgan’s unique ability to zero in on challenges and walk you through your own personal journey of self discovery is a life-changing experience. I have always gained a greater sense of clarity and empowerment in taking the next steps in both my personal and professional growth.


Over the years of being immersed in self development, I have learned that the quality of mentorship and support by someone who truly lives in integrity and authenticity can have a direct impact on accelerating your own level of success and achievement. Which is why, I believe that people who work with Morgan achieve such tremendous levels of success in their lives.


Founder of Hygiene by Design


I was introduced to Morgan by one of my closest friends as someone who could help me redirect my life and perspective at a stage where that was truly needed. They were right!


I instantly respected her for the no nonsense, tough love guidance that she gave. Her light shines so bright it’s blinding and her passion to share with her talents is clear. She encouraged me to look beyond my perspective, value self-love and most of all follow my intuition.


I look forward to working with Morgan more and more in the future.


Technology Professional


Morgan has the unique ability to take an idea and turn it into a vision for your future. Her intuitive approach is tailored specifically to your needs, allowing to you get focused and see results immediately. Working with her is a fun and encouraging process.


Esq. Senior Associate, The Planning Center


Morgan helped me open my mind to new ways of achieving my professional goals, both through practical steps and spiritual practice. Since our brainstorming sessions, I’ve developed a more positive attitude about my abilities and I’ve adopted a daily meditation practice that has really changed the direction I want to take my career. I’ve already began forging new business alliances that have brought in more income and boosted my self esteem immensely.


Published Author / The Healthy Beauty Project

Intuition is seeing the world with your soul ~ M

Morgan definitely has a gift. I really enjoyed working with her and our time together. Her unique sense of intuition, mixed with straightforward advice and wisdom, created a common sense perspective that helped me see things from a completely different perspective. She helped me become more aware of “feeling good”, not just thinking positively, to create the outcome of my reality. She gives you simple tools, that work!


Audra Miller Interiors

Audra Miller Interior Designs

I discovered Morgan on Facebook, and found her posts to be inspiring and empowering. After “liking” several posts, Morgan reached out to offer time to speak regarding my business. Leary at first (because I get a LOT of emails and calls about business coaching) I emailed back politely, but felt in my heart I knew I had to speak with her.


On February 1, 2012 we spoke for about an hour on the phone. She asked direct questions and guided me to where I knew I wanted to be. One of my goals was to be the number one Realtor in my office. After following Morgan’s guidance, I became the number one agent in my office in May! INCREDIBLE!


I’ve now set my goal to be number one in our local franchise of real estate offices. Morgan is incredibly talented and gifted. My heart is full of gratitude for her presence in my life and God knows.. it should be more!


The Ervin Group Real Estate 


Morgan has a unique ability to not only see an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, but also help them tap into their own unique purpose in life. She has helped me by recognizing the voices in my head – and identifying what wasn’t healthy and instilling healthier ways of thinking. These healthy ways of thinking have rippled throughout my life, which affects how I not only act and behave, but also in how I perceive my reality.


I can safely say that over the last year of working with her, I have become more aligned with better versions of myself–and my reality has followed suit. I’m now not only pursuing my passion with greater clarity, but also see results at an alarmingly fast rate. I recommend Morgan as someone who will definitely help you make the shifts you need to make in your life.


Music Producer, Composer & Teacher
White Rose Label

Peter DeWitt - Salt Lamp City - Recording Artist



Morgan is refreshing combination of insight, clarity, and exuberance. She easily sees directly into the core of the individual and champions their strengths and dreams. Working with Morgan will create a shift in your life as she supports you in your achievement of whatever is nearest and dearest to you.


Seven Sisters Mystery School
Regional Manager & Leader Instructor for RealGirl


Krista Oldach

Working with Morgan is a true pleasure. With her guidance, I was able to quickly clarify my vision and redirect my career. I cannot express how invaluable it is to have a coach who can help you focus your true self and point you in the right direction. You owe yourself the same experience with Morgan.


Interior Designer & Creative Professional

Vidette V

I attended a workshop hosted by Morgan McKean. Morgan was engaging of her audience and taught principles and tools that all attendees could practically apply to their life as soon as they walked out of the workshop. I was impressed with Morgan’s use of her learned and intuitive knowledge. I would highly recommend Morgan to those needing guidance on living their ideal life, identify limiting beliefs holding you back, or simply would like practical skills to experience life to it’s fullest.


Author, Speaker & Business Coach