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Learn to put People in Their Place

Putting People in Their Place


Have you ever found yourself in a position where someone close to you is taking advantage of you, or your situation?


Or maybe you’ve had an employee or vendor that is helping you for free, or giving you a deep discount, but now they feel they can treat you, or the project, a little less respectfully?


Often times when someone is doing something for us as a type of favor, especially if it’s an on-going one, we tend to put them on a pedestal, eventually causing us to be in an uncomfortable situation.  And while feeling uncomfortable is unpleasant, it’s also a gift, as the reason feeling this way comes up is to signal us that the situation needs course correction, until it feels good again.


Take for example the gal that inspired today’s episode of Ask Mys. Morgan.  She’s a small business owner that’s had several independent contractors working for her for free.  But they are starting to take advantage of the opportunities that come with working for her, thinking because of their payment status, they can act out, or not take things quite as seriously.


Now to be clear, if someone is doing you a favor, or working for you for free, you do need to acknowledge their value, and be appreciative.  But, it doesn’t mean you have to put up with being treated poorly, or sacrificing your peace of mind, in order to receive their help.


In this video I reminder her that we’ve all only got so much time, money, and energy to give to people in our lives.  So it’s necessary to have them in their proper positions, so you can stay focused on your goals, and not be worried about people or things that distract you from your dreams.



Now I’d love to hear from you…


Is there someone in your life taking advantage of you? Or do you have difficulties setting healthy boundaries?


If you’re struggling with someone not treating you the way you know they should, please leave your questions and comments below, and I’ll respond with an insight or understanding to help you better deal with the situation.


To your spirit + SUCCESS! ~ ❤ M


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