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Real Pain Management

Real Pain Management


Most of us don’t enjoy the experience of pain, emotional or physical. Yet, pain is actually a gift in grace, letting us know that our thoughts and beliefs are out of alignment while bringing our attention to the areas that need to be processed and healed. Nothing we experience in the physical world is happening ‘out there’. Out there, otherwise known as physical reality, is a feedback system letting us know who we are and what we believe. Therefore, any pain we feel on the physical level first started as energy and thought. When we acknowledge the pain, and shift our energy and thoughts around it, the pain must also shift and potentially dissipate.

In addition to serving as a signal to heal our thoughts and beliefs, pain is also a natural part of our evolution process. As we evolve into the next expression of ourselves, letting go of old ideas and beliefs which at one point served us, we may feel pain, like the loss we feel when saying goodbye to an old friend. So, as you continue to nurture the evolvement of your spirit, which we always are on some level, be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to experience each phase of the evolution process, for it is through our experiences that we actually garner the healing necessary to dissolve the pain and move forward.


Life Tip for Real Pain Management ::

Physical pain is your body’s way of telling you where you need to heal your mind (thoughts, ideas, beliefs)! When you heal your mind, the pain begins to alleviate itself automatically.

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