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Each Relationship Teaches You More About Who You’re Being

Every relationship teaches you about yourself


If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ve no doubt heard me say something like, “Everything in your world, especially your relationships, serve as a reflection of who you’re being.”  The reason for this is that our experiences and relationships are meant to provide us with the feedback we need to see if our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs are on par with our deepest desires and dreams.  And, if we like the feedback our experiences are providing us, we know to continue along our current path of consciousness.  And if we don’t, these situations provide us with the information we need to elevate our thinking towards more positive life experiences.


The reason that people and relationships are such a powerful tool for teaching us more about ourselves, is because they provide us with immediate feedback.  For example, as you may know, I am 6ft tall, and I dare say that there is barely a day that I go out into the world where someone doesn’t comment on my height.  The most common being, “You are so tall.” And while I understand where the person is coming from, being that I was 5’9” at 13 years old, I don’t feel tall/- I feel like Morgan.  And when I’m in a particular mood, rather than saying “Thank you!” I may say “Compared to what or who?” which usually makes them pause for a moment, to reflect on what they’re really saying.  And then they will often say, “Me.” and we’ll both smile about it.


You see, without the other human-being, who is usually shorter than me, to relate to, I am not tall.  I am just Morgan.  And it takes this other person to be in relationship with in that moment in order to realize that compared to them, I am a tall person.  Otherwise, there is no comparison to be made/- and no opportunity for a deeper level of self-discovery.


This same principle applies to being emotional, sensitive, loud, quiet, creative, logical, a morning or night person, or even a male or female.  We need others to relate to in order to learn more about ourselves.


So the next time someone is frustrating you, causing you angst, or creating pain within you in anyway/- instead of letting yourself dwell in the negative emotion, take a pause to realize that they are just there to teach you more about who you’re being.  And if you don’t like it, let the feedback they’re providing serve as a tool to help you become more of who you want to be.


Lots of love, peace, + happiness!

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