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Releasing Your Vices

Releasing Your Vices

We choose our vices to ease our pain in life… we use them to comfort us, distract us, sooth our wounds and help us avoid feeling whatever it is we’re trying to process about our life experience in the moment.  Many of us don’t even remember when the process of relying on a particular vice to get us through the day, week or month even began, we just know it’s here now and in more ways than we care to admit, dictates many of our thoughts and choices through out the day.

When something has power over us, it’s usually because we don’t understand it or have a certain fear associated with it.  When I breakdown why I do a particular thing for greater understanding, it significantly reduces them amount of power that idea has over me.

Here’s my definition of a Vice:

Vices, or ‘bad habits’ are coping mechanisms, meant to serve us by letting us know that we need to bring healing thoughts or energy to a particular situation or belief about ourselves that causes so much discomfort in our system that we look to something else to avoid it, or at least soften the experience.

This being the case, it would stand to reason that the vice is just a symptom of a bigger issue. Therefore, rather than focusing your efforts on quitting the vice, which let’s face it, is rather challenging for most of us, begin shifting your focus towards creating a smoother, more peaceful and enjoyable life… ALLOWING the vices to fade away, as our own internal comfort mechanisms (love, self-care, compassion, etc.) expand and evolve, bringing peace to our life.



Next time you find the urge to experience your favorite vice, rather than resist it, take a moment to assess what caused the trigger in the first place. Once you understand the trigger,  ask yourself “What do I need to accept about myself and this situation to heal the pain, or lack of comfort, I’m feeling in this moment?“, as this will begin the healing process.

Also, if  by chance you choose to reach for my vice anyway, DO NOT create stress or fear around it, KNOWING that each time you send yourself more love, peace and healing, the cravings have less and less a hold on you.

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