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How to Stay Motivated When Others Put You Down

How to Stay Motivated When Others Put You Down

Have you ever been going along your day feeling free, flowing, and productive, just to have some negative-nelly come rain on your feel good parade?


Or have you ever been really excited about someone you want to become, or some dream you want to come to fruition, only to share it with another who “poo-pooed” it, leaving you feeling defeated or un-motivated about having it manifest?


While it’s really easy to slip into a low mood when someone doesn’t share our vision for the future, the truth is, what they’re really doing is a gift, as they’re reflecting some fear-based belief or idea we have deep within our system that needs to surface, so we can identify and heal it.


The only way the words someone else says can hurt us, is if they resonate with some feeling or belief we hold about ourselves to be true.  Think about it.  If someone says something mean to you that you KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, isn’t true, it has very little to no effect on you.  Conversely, if there is any part of you that believes what they’re saying, on any level of significance, it will hit a nerve, and you’ll feel it.


The good part about understanding this is that you’ll realize, even in those moments you want to be mad at the other person for saying what they said, you can tap your inner wisdom, and motivate yourself to keep going.  And, they aren’t now, nor were they ever, responsible for you staying motivated towards manifesting your vision in the first place. That’s your job!


Want to know more about how to stay motivated when others put you or your dream down?  Tune-in to this episode of Ask Mys. Morgan to get more insights, and two powerful exercises, to keep yourself from letting the words of others slow you down.


Now I’d love to hear from you…


Do you have a dream that others in your life don’t support, or just can’t see? Or do you have a habit of sharing your dreams with people who just can’t believe in you, or it?


If there’s a person in your life who brings you down, or several people who can’t see your vision, please let your story in the comments below, and I promise I’ll address it.  Who knows, your story or insight might be the very thing someone else here needs to make their dreams a reality.


To your spirit + SUCCESS! ~ ❤ M


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