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StopB4UStart Documentary

StopB4UStart Documentary

StopB4UStart Documentary :: Empowering young adults to stop using drugs and alcohol before they start.

I recently had the honor of participating in a documentary called “StopB4UStart.” The mission behind the film is to empower teens and young adults to stop using alcohol and drugs before they start.

The premise :: 

To provide real-life testimony and education
in understanding why people start
using drugs and alcohol in the first place.

The creator of the film, Danny Murphy, is an ordained minister, father, and well-known public speaker on the subject of addiction-recovery in South Orange County, California.  And one day, during a chance meeting at our local gym, Danny and I got to sharing stories about our past.  During that conversation, he shared with me about his addiction and recovery process, and I shared with him about the struggles and challenges I faced having a parent that struggled with addiction almost his whole adult life.

While the idea for the film still hadn’t been realized, I knew Danny was passionate about empowering others towards sobriety, especially youth, and it was there that he invited me to speak to one of his many high school groups.  Shortly thereafter, Danny approached me again to speak, only this time it wasn’t to a group of people, but rather to share my story on film, one that would be shown to high school kids across the country, to help warn and empower them against using.

In the film, almost all of the participants were there to share their story on how they “crossed the line” with drugs an alcohol, many of them as children. However, I was there to tell a different story.  Danny wanted me to share that even though I had a parent who was an alcoholic, and that dis-ease had a very negative impact on my childhood, through a series of conscious choices, I managed to avoid getting sucked into those addictive patterns, and go in a different direction. Ultimately using the emotional pain and childhood trauma that I went through to help others to live their best life.

To learn more about the film, and you can support the cause, please visit ::


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