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That Which You Are Looking For… You Are Looking With

That Which You Are Looking For… You Are Looking With

Take a look at your passions and desires, the things that you experience that turn you on the most. Where time stands still and you are so caught up in the moment that nothing else seems to exist. In these moments, the reason you feel such bliss is because you are experiencing the perfection that is you reflecting back to you in physical form.

When you are going through an experience the degree to which you love or don’t love the experience, reflects back to you who you are being in the moment, as well as providing clues into the you that you are becoming. This is because we learn much about who we are through our likes and dislikes. When we ‘like’ something, we are saying that it resonates with our being, and that we are equal to it in vibration. Same is true about when we ‘dis-like’ something, as we are saying, to the degree we don’t like it, that it does not resonate with who we say we are. Therefore, if you are looking to experience more passion, purpose and success in your life, you would be wise to pay attention to what you are seeking. For if you pay close attention to that which you are seeking, you will discover that which you are desiring to become.

For instance, my mother is the most amazing piano and keyboard teacher I know. Though, like any one who has perfected their craft, she had to start her process from the beginning. Taking lessons on a little player organ as a child, my mother’s passion for music made her search for the ‘perfect’ teacher who could give her what she needed. While having no preconceived ideas about what music would do in her life, she chose every thought, idea and manifested opportunity to play her music. My mother’s passion for music as a child became her life long profession, sometimes performing and much of the time teaching it. Today, the physical manifestation of her passions are expressed as an amazing teacher and the Chairperson for the Laguna Beach Chapter of the National Guild of Piano Teachers.

She has become the very thing she was seeking her whole life, to become one with the music, wherein she understands as many aspects of the art form as time and process has allowed her, and she is in my eyes the ‘perfect’ music teacher.

Because of the amazing demonstration of her life, I too have discovered that I am becoming that which I have been seeking all my life… the ‘perfect’ (Morgan’s idealized character in her movie) blend of someone who enjoys and appreciates worldly culture and luxury living, while being deeply engrossed with understanding spirituality, the human experience, why we act like we do and how to we enjoy, enlighten and entertain ourselves as we evolve through the earthly plane.

Life Tip::

That which you are looking for… you are looking with. EXPRESS THE GREATEST VERSION OF YOURSELF ALWAYS… AND IN ALL WAYS.


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