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No One Can Dull the Light Within

No One Can Dull the Light Within

No one enjoys being invalidated, spoken-down-to, or put down in anyway. However, when we give more value or meaning to the harsh opinions of the world – that are only opinions, and not truth – than we do to our own, we allow the beautiful light that we are to be dulled down to someone else’s perspective of us. 

In order to keep your shine, which subsequently illuminates your life, and the lives of others, it’s important to protect the quality of your thoughts and ideas, so that you’re not open to the negative feedback and energy of the world. Accordingly, to shine your light bright enough for all to see, you must be proactive about engaging in those ideas and activities that help keep you in the zone, feeling good and happy.

One to the best ways to “protect” yourself from experiencing this kind of negativity is to create a layer of positive energy around you.  The reason being is that everything around you, including the opinions of others, is a reflection of your energetic state-of-being. So, if you’re feeling good, the likelihood of someone throwing a damper on your party – or their flippant words hurting you – is much less likely than if you’re feeling frazzled or uneasy with yourself.

A great way to begin protecting yourself is to consciously observe your thoughts, or more specifically, how your thoughts make you feel.  When your thoughts are aligned with your deepest desires, you will FEEL good, happy, joyful, or content. And, when your thoughts are NOT aligned with your best and highest good, your emotional feedback system will let you know by making you feel sad, anxious, worried, or low.

The key here is to remember that you choose your thoughts… so if they’re taking you in the wrong direction (i.e. making you feel bad), you can always shift them back on track.

Another great technique for warding off negativity is to remind yourself regularly about how amazing you are. A convenient way to do this is to write a list of 10+ things you love about you. Then, text or email it to yourself so that anytime you’re feeling low – you can whip it out and read it over and again until you find your balance and shine – because, no one but you can dull the light within… unless you let them.

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