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Perfectionism is NOT the Goal

I took a slight offense the first time I heard the idea that perfectionism was the lowest goal we can strive for, as I had always considered being a ‘perfectionist’ a great characteristic to demonstrate. During my formal education and first few years in the work force, I gave credit to those who claimed the title as somehow having the extra “oomph” necessary to get ahead in life. When I came to the understanding that it really was a low goal to strive for because it is simply unattainable, it allowed me to begin releasing an old thought pattern that no longer served me.


So what is perfectionism, and what are some of the payoffs it provides us? Perfectionism is a symptom of the ego, it is a sign that you ‘have to’ be perfect, or at least as good if not better than your peers in order to feel some sort of validation or significance. In many ways, taking on a ‘perfectionist’ attitude allows us to use needing our experience to be ‘perfect’ as a way of keeping ourselves from trying new things we’re actually unsure of, as well as being a great perspective to operate from when we berate ourselves for not achieving our illusionary ‘perfect’ scenario.


Because perfectionism is a function of the ego it’s presence in our life isn’t going anywhere fast. So, after many years of becoming better acquainted with various perspectives on this trait and it’s purpose, I’ve recapitulated and reframed it to better serve me in creating a life of my own design:


Perfectionism is not the lowest goal to strive for because it is unattainable. Perfectionism is the lowest goal to strive for is because it exists in every moment of our lives. Every moment of our life was created with the exact coordination of the Universe to fulfill our conscious desires by perfectly reflecting back to us through physical manifestation that which we believe about ourselves in the moment.” – Now THAT’S PERFECT!


Life Tip::


The optimum goal in life is not to reach perfection but, rather to create a reality that most accurately reflects our grandest and highest expression of ourselves in any given moment so that we experience the most amount of joy, passion, enthusiasm for life and love in this amazing journey of life.


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