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If you Want Respect, You’re Going to have to Earn it

If You Want Respect, Earn It

So you want fame, fortune, and respect, but what are you doing to earn it?


Watching reality tv or your favorite celebrities go after their dreams, while thinking to yourself “If they can do it, I can too.” or “They’re no better than me.”


Or maybe you have put in some effort towards achieving success in your desired area of interest, but is it the kind of effort that is worthy of fame and fortune?


While it’s true that if it’s been done before, and you’re physically and mentally capable, you can do it too, it doesn’t mean you get to skip the time, effort, and actions required to manifest your desire.  Just ask the group of young entrepreneurs that inspired today’s episode of Ask Mys. Morgan.



Respect isn’t given, it’s earned, based on a right of passage of

going from start to completion on any given subject. ~ M


As a group, they believed that because they’ve either earned a degree, or have an amazing idea, that they should be handed a BIG TITLE, and the kind of income and lifestyle that matches it.  And while I was hesitant to burst their bubble, as believing that what you want is possible is more than half the manifestation process, I needed to let them know that in the real-world, you don’t get a trophy just for participating.  You need to actually demonstrate the successful accomplishment of a goal, to receive the respect you crave from others.


So if you want to know the secret behind going from zero to hero, and not as an overnight success, watch this video, to get the insights and techniques you need, to make your dream of respect, a reality…




Now I’d love to hear from you…


Do you want respect, but you’re uncertain on how to get it?  Or maybe you’re working towards the success and respect you want, but haven’t quite gotten to the level of flow you desire.


If you’re someone who wants to experience increased levels of respect, fame, and or fortune, or perhaps you’re someone who’s already achieved it, please leave your comments, questions and suggestions below, and I’ll address everyone of them.  And who knows, your question or suggestion may be the very thing someone else needs to read to realize their dreams.  So if you feel inspired, share the love.


To your spirit + SUCCESS! ~ ❤ M


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