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We Are Only Being Who We Are

We Are Only Being Who We Are


We all come into this life with certain DNA and energy. We then add to this initial foundation, taking in multi-tiered cycles of programming, being and experiencing, then processing the information we receive through our relationships with care-givers, teachers, peers and community at large. This combination, at any given point in our life path, shapes our beliefs about who and what we are, and how we relate to life.

In each relationship we experience, the other individual is reflecting back to us something we believe about ourselves. The more things we find that either increases our capacity to love, or stirs up feelings of fear, when we relate to the other person, are meant to reflect information we need to be aware of in ourselves, whether to share it with others or heal it within.

When you begin to fully grasp this concept, you begin to see that no one is doing anything TO YOU. People are not intentionally showing up in your world to annoy or make you upset. Just like you, they are dealing with all the programming they’ve receive from the outside world, balancing it against ‘traditional ideas’ from childhood and new ideas that seem to ‘feel good’, filtered through their particular energetic and personality type.

As you begin  “being who you really are” you accept yourself with deeper levels of compassion for your passions and your frailties, you allow for other ideas (i.e. people with vastly different ideas and opinions from yours) to come into your consciousness with ease. Accepting them for who they are releases fears and doubts and makes the adventure much more fun.


Life Tip ::

We are ALL here on a hero’s journey. The more we can accept ourselves and each other the closer we move to the ultimate goal :: Unconditional LOVE!

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