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What You Hold in Your Mind Becomes What You’re Attracted to in Life

What You Hold in Your Mind Becomes What You’re Attracted to in Life

While it may seem evident when you think about it, did you know that the ideas that you hold in your mind become the very things you’re attracted to in your life?

It’s true.

Think about the last time you wanted to get a new phone, car, purse, or computer.  As you focused on your idea, did you or did you not, begin to see the object of your desire everywhere? Whether it was on the road, in someone’s hand, or in a barrage of images you noticed in your media consumption, your mind sought out to deliver to you the very idea that you were contemplating most.

The reason for this is that our minds work as computers, as they are programmed to seek out those things, people, and situations that we desire to experience in this physical reality.  Now, you may be thinking… “Um Morgan, I know I didn’t ask my mind to seek out debt, a broken heart, or a certain health issue.” and while I sympathize with your dilemma, I’m here to challenge your position… but, just for the purpose of helping you to better get what you want.

The fact is, you can not experience anything that your mind didn’t believe you desired. And, the way that your mind, Uni-verse, or Divine Intelligence determines what you want is by your focus on the idea of it.  What this means is, if you focus on NOT wanting debt, a broken-heart, or any other perceived negative, your focus on that idea will also bring it into your reality.

The power in fully understanding that what you hold in your mind becomes what you’re attracted to in life, is that you get to choose those thoughts and ideas you want to give focus to.  For example, if you want to experience wealth, begin to contemplate all the ways you are currently wealthy, and look for the wealth that already exists around you (even if it’s only through magazines and movies), as this will train your mind to look for all the wealth you can get yourself in resonance with.

And, don’t get frustrated if your millions don’t come in over night, as what you’re looking to experience initially are new cash flow streams, whether through job opportunities, a new client or project,  or even a twenty dollar bill you find on the street.  Each is a demonstration of your idea taking hold in your consciousness.  And, as you have these experiences in increased wealth, give them a lot of focus, share your good experience with others – and each time you share, tell your story with lots of appreciation, as this will help to accelerate your wealth consciousness.



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