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What Your Plate of Food Says About YOU

What Your Food Says about You

(Short excerpt from my book “Becoming Princess Charming”)


Every plate of food you choose to eat tells a story about who you are being in relationship to it, in that moment. If that sounds a little much, let me further explain.


Every choice we make originates from who we are being, whether it’s how we choose to wear our hair or which girlfriend we call to get advice from; our ideas and motivations for living come from our perspective and level of consciousness. Therefore, when we are experiencing a low mood, which usually means we’re feeling spent or weak, we tend opt for sugary, salty, or highly processed foods to increase our serotonin and bring us comfort. The same is [also] true for our other states of being, such as when we are riding high from good feelings, we may be more mindful to keep our healthy state of being by choosing whole, unprocessed foods. And if we’re somewhere in between, our plate would reflect a combination of choices.


Take for instance a meal consisting of lemon water, with a whole food salad, fatty, calorie rich dressing and a side of French fries. The story we are creating behind a plate like this is that we’re “being” someone who wants to move towards a better relationship with food and our body but, still has a little ways to go.


This process of evaluating your meal (provided you have a basic understanding of what’s healthy and what’s not) can help you to understand at any point in time how you’re feeling about your body, life, relationships, or even what you’re thinking about in the moment. In order to help you better understand how what your plate of food says about you, on this episode of #AskMysMorgan, I’m going to introduce you to four stereotypical eaters (known in my book as Princesses).


They are…


* Fast Food Frieda
* Controlling Connie
* Ego Eating Edna
* Progressive Peggy


Each has a certain style of eating based on her childhood programming about food, how she copes with emotions and stress, and current lifestyle.  As I share each of their eating styles and personalities, you might discover yourself in one, or a bit of all of them, which is great.  Because I’m sharing these “characters”  with the hope of providing you the insights you need to better understand your relationship with food, so if it’s not as you wish, you can make it more how you want it to be.




To your spirit + SUCCESS! ~ ❤ M


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