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When You Change Your Mind, You Change Your Life

While it may feel as though you’re pretty much the same person that you’ve always been, in truth – you are in a constant state of evolution, transitioning from one version of yourself into the next. Whether you have become more gentle and compassionate with yourself, and others, because you’ve experienced trauma or dis-ease, or more bitter and angry, because your career, marriage, or home-life fell apart – who you are, and are becoming, is a never-ending process.


As a human-being, you are part of the leading edge of thought, meaning – you are a physical manifestation from the mind of Uni-verse or Source in the time space reality we are all experiencing at this moment. Accordingly, each thought you think is meant to reveal back to you, and the Source within, who and what you are being. And, with each new thought you think, experience you come up against, and relationship you form, you evolve into a more distinct expression or version of yourself. 


The reason this constant state of evolution occurs is because in these moments, you define, and re-define those thoughts and ideas you’re going to give your attention to. When you like a person or experience, you say “Yes!” to this version of yourself, and choose this as the direction you want to evolve in. And, when a person or situation isn’t to your liking, you automatically mentally search for something that you believe will increase your level of happiness. 


This is why you should never become attached to any person, situation, or material object that is currently making you happy or sad, as your state of constant evolution will have them enter and exit your life – like the tide, as you renew your mind… constantly defining who and what you want to be. 

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