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Where Focus Goes Energy Follows

Where Focus Goes, Energy Follows


It’s been proven time and again that where your focus goes, energy follows.  This is true whether what you’re focusing on is something that you want, or not. If you’re thinking or speaking about a particular thing, the Universe assumes you want it in your experience, and if you’re not giving it any time or energy, it assumes you don’t.


This is why, no matter how tempting it may be, you don’t want to talk about things that bother you, complain about what you don’t have, or is missing from your life. Favorite water cooler topics to banter on and on about, among colleagues at many companies.  Instead, if you’re looking to experience increased health, wealth, abundance and love, you must give as much focus on those ideas as possible, without looking at what’s lacking in your world.


Now, you might be thinking, “Morgan, how am I suppose to acknowledge that I want a relationship, money, increased health or __________________________ (fill in the blank) without acknowledging that I’m NOT currently experiencing it?


And I get it, I do.


It’s hard not to look directly at your reality and assess what you want without acknowledging what’s not currently there.  So please note, I’m not telling you to put your head-in-the-sand, and ignore your problems or what is, as it will all just be there festering until you resolve it.  More specifically, I’m inviting you not to dwell on the problem, but rather open yourself up to the solution… or possibilities.


When you want something new to appear in your world, you must focus on it with the faith and understanding that what you focus on must appear (to the degree you believe it), in your world. A good way to think about it is like this.  When you want to buy a new car, you begin seeing that car on the road everywhere.  This is because your mind is trained to seek what you tell it to, with the expectation that you’re going to receive as you have asked.


Hence, the key to meaningful change isn’t about fighting the old (giving it focus and energy) but, focusing on the new. 



To your spirit + SUCCESS! ~ ❤ M


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