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If It’s in Your World – It’s Because You Said “YES!” to It

If It’s in Your World – It’s Because You Said “YES!” to It

While it’s fun, easy, and sometimes worth a good stroke to your ego to take credit for all the beauty, wealth, health, love, and excitement you produce in your life, taking responsibility for those things that aren’t quite how you want them to be is the first step in making positive changes. 

Whether you believe it or not, everything in your world is there because you said “Yes!” to it.  The reason being is that the things that show up in your life do so because they reflect the sum total of your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs in this particular area. And the reason for these experiences is to provide you the opportunity to assess whether or not they are currently in resonance with you, (i.e. the things you want to take credit for) – or to use them as a platform from which to expand your awareness and increase your perspective, for the purpose of evolving your soul.

Now, you might be thinking, “Morgan, I did not say “Yes!” to a grouchy boss, financial struggles or a frustrating marriage or relationship.”  And, I completely understand where you’re coming from – because I’ve been (sometimes still go) there.  However, when you look at the ideas and beliefs you’ve been holding onto about this situation, you may discover how you’re actually saying “Yes!” to this experience, when you really want to say “NO!” 

Let’s take the work situation for example… If you’re currently dealing with a grouchy boss or employee, take a moment to ask yourself what you believe (hint, a belief is just an idea that you’ve played repetitively in your mind until it became part of your habitual thought process) about them and the situation.  Each day, while getting ready for work in the morning, are the thoughts you entertain about how you will interact with this person positive or negative? I’m going to guess… given the fact that your interactions with them are “grouchy” that you’re NOT entertaining the most positive ideas about them.  

So, if you’re playing negative thoughts about this person in your head, and life always reflects back to you the sum total of your ideas and beliefs – how would you expect to have anything other than a negative experience with them?  You can’t!!!

Accordingly, if you don’t want a certain experience or relationship to continue on it’s current course, you’re going to have to re-direct the thoughts and ideas you entertain about it, until your belief system matches your desired expectation.  In other words, you’re more consistently saying “Yes!” to those people and experiences you desire most. 

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