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Yoga is the Ultimate in Self-Care Rituals

Yoga is the Ultimate in Self-Care Rituals

Yoga is the Ultimate in Self Care

I first started doing yoga almost 16 years ago when I was working for Telepictures as an Associate Producer on the dating show “Change of Heart.” Under a lot of stress, as I was one of the youngest and most inexperienced producers on the show – one day I walked into my boss’s office and she was in, what I thought at the time, was an awkward position, which I soon learned was “Downward Dog.” She went on to explained to me that she had recently taken up yoga, and it was helping her to be more centered and balanced.

Living in L.A. at the time, finding a yoga class was pretty easy, and after getting over the initial pace of it all, (at that time I was also “Step Reebok” aerobic instructor who thought exercise was meant to go hard and fast), enjoyed the mind, body, spirit connection. However, as life moved forward, and I moved away from living in a metropolitan, finding a yoga class wasn’t as easy… and I gave up my regular practice.

Several years later, once again life had thrown me some curveballs, and I needed to find a way to get balanced and centered, so I decided to learn certain sequences of postures like “Sun Salutation,” on my own.  And, it was then that I discovered is that even doing 15 minutes in the morning, or evening, would make a big difference in my overall mindset. Additionally, once I began a daily meditation practice, I also realized that starting off with some yoga made it that much easier to still my mind.

Accordingly, I’m a pretty devoted yoga girl, albeit not for all the amazing poses you can get your body into… but, for the benefits it provides me… especially in the face of stress, moments of anxiety, and challenges. And, with the increased popularity of the art form, (yes art), I’m clearly not the only one who enjoys the benefits of this time honored practice.


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