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You Are Fabulous

You Are Fabulous

In a society that values money, power, and success, it’s no surprise that we’re all very accomplishment driven. I don’t know about you, but I even remember feeling this pressure that I had to succeed at things in order to ‘be-somebody’ long before becoming an adult.  In fact, I can remember as a child that a great deal of the love and validation I received, and I know many of my friends and clients had this experience as well, was tied to some accomplishment I had made, that the people around me found worthy.


Not because I was here as a fella traveler of planet earth!

Not because it was amazing that I was alive in a human-body!
But it was tied to some goal or objective I had achieved.


And honesty, it’s totally okay!  No victim stories for any us, with regards to this (or hopefully any other) concept. Reason being, is that this type of reward system of receiving praise and loving attention when we accomplish something, is a very powerful concept for moving our society forward. The problem however, begins when we don’t recognize that this only a system. And, that it shouldn’t be the bench mark from which we do, or don’t, believe that we’re fabulously amazing human-beings.


That’s right!


Whether you’re in the middle of accomplishing a goal, have just accomplished something, or are taking a hiatus from the whole process, you are fabulous.  And you, more than anybody, have to take responsibility for reminding yourself of this.


So, here is a 2 part exercise you can begin to do today, in order to help you remind yourself that, no matter where you’re at in your life journey, just “being” makes you fabulous. 


Step 1 ::  Write down everyday, for the next 21 days, at least 10 that you like about you.  This can be physical attributes, personality traits, talents, skill-sets, or just ways of being.


Step 2 :: Write down every day, for the next 21 days, 5 goals that you’re proud of yourself for achieving. AND/- 5 goals that you’re on the verge of accomplishing.


AND… for all my super overachievers, who want what they want, and want it NOW… I’ll add one last step ::


Step 3 :: Write these lists in the morning, and email them to yourself, so that you can read it 3-4 (YES!!! three to four) times a day, ever 3-5 hours, so that these new thoughts about how fabulous you are, and what great things you can, and already have accomplished, permeate your thought-stream.


Lots of love, peace, + happiness!


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