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You Become What You Think About Most

You Become What You Think About Most



You can’t become or experience anything you haven’t thought about first, as this is the way your life is created.  You think a thought, and to the degree you resonate with it, you begin to give it “life” by increasing the time, focus, and emotional energy you have towards the manifestation of it, until it’s something tangible you can take action on, or experience.

Accordingly, the thoughts you think most, dictate what life experiences you create… as your frequency of attention to them is an indication to the Uni-verse of how much you want those particular experiences… or their equivalent.

The challenge in creating only those ideas that we desire comes in how we’ve been programmed to think, especially our habitual thought-patterns of not being good enough or worthy to experience the best that life has to offer us.

When you think “I want to be rich!” you’ll often notice right after a flood of thoughts telling you why you’re currently not… or when you say “I want to be thin/healthy!” and there, almost on cue, is an accompanying thought-stream full of how you don’t like working out, and really don’t want to give up your wine and cheese.

But, now that you know, you don’t have to worry about it because…  the nice thing about being programmed is that you can be re-programmed, and as a conscious creator… you get to do the programming.

Yep! That’s right… if you don’t like the types of ideas your thought-stream is generating, you have the power within you to shift them towards ones that do.  However,  keep-in-mind, this takes the same amount of effort as your original programming did (think of how many times your mama told you to brush your teeth before it became a part of you), and your going to have to Wonder-Woman (okay super-hero power) it, with your desire and intentions.

If you want to create your life more how you want it to be… start by picking an idea…. ponder it, give it some energy… and then, once you’ve got a certain level of clarity (there’s always more coming), write it down… and make a plan for how you’re going to develop the belief system to manifest it.

CHALLENGE FOR THE WEEK :: Choose one idea you’ve been toying with, something that you’ve wanted but, been putting off because you’re not sure how to make it happen… and use my  “I AM COMMITTED” workbook to help you.

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