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You Can Be Fierce + Feminine

morgan mckean


There’s an interesting thing that happens in your life when you make it your mission to follow a certain vision/- and that is…


Life gives you the perfect opportunity to practice what you preach.


In my Intuitive Sessions, I often share with women about the importance of connecting with their feminine energy.


I explain how you can be soft, honor the divine, utilize your creativity, fulfill your desire for community, and nurture yourself and the people around you…


AND still be powerful enough to get the things you want and need.


That there is a way to climb the corporate/creative ladder and fulfill your purpose, and still carve out space for beauty, love, play, and self-care.


So being the loving and benevolent teacher that the Uni-verse is, it decided to help me take my understanding about feminine power to a whole new level.


Recently, I was working on a project with a rather masculine man, who, while in-touch with his feminine side creatively, just assume play and communicate about everything else from his masculine ONLY.


And if I challenged his ideas or opinions with that same masculine energy (which I’ll admit to doing a time or two), I got STONEWALLED.


The more this back-n-forth went on, the more my internal pressure cooker went up, as it was almost as if he refused to hear anything I was offering.


Then, from seeming out-of-no-where, my own words came back to me, as I got the “hit” to tap into my feminine energy, if I wanted to succeed here.


NOW… I won’t say that my ego didn’t have a momentary meltdown, as she wanted to get what she wanted… the way she wanted it.


But thank goodness I’ve developed some wisdom, and realized that what I REALLY wanted was for this to go as smoothly as possible, while delivering the best result.


So I tried it.


And within a few minutes of me shifting into my feminine energy, the whole dynamic between the two of us had all but shifted. I was now appealing to him in a way he could hear me/- from my FEMININITY.


Also, the project was completed on time and to our satisfaction.




And then there it was – totally undeniable to me…


When we show up in our feminine energy, the part of us that can connect the dots, tap into our creativity, and use our softness to navigate an experience, we are POWERFUL.


When you try to be something that you’re not; forcing and driving things, you either burnout, fail, or quit from a lack of authentic satisfaction.


And you’d gladly jump off of the “I need to be masculine to succeed.” treadmill… but then there’s your programming, you know… the stuff your family, friends, and the media told you about being feminine… that it means that you’re


… weak or fragile
… not as strong or smart
… won’t be treated with love or respect
… that you’re seen as less-than or less capable
… that you’re not of equal value to your male counterparts


So you don’t dare explore that side of yourself…


But, what if the key to being Wonder-woman, and having the life of your dreams was ALL about being in touch with your femininity?


And what if being truly feminine was about standing fierce instead of being fragile?


Remember, it is the soft water, that when following over the same rock for long enough can create river beds and streams.


If you’re ready to live more femininely, and to experience the peace, love, and happiness it brings, it would be my honor to have you join me in your very own Intuitive Session, where I’ll teach you more about Intuition, Femininity, and how you can ‪#‎DesignYourDestiny‬. ~ M


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