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You Don’t Have to Say “YES” to Every Request

You Don’t Have to Say “YES” to Every Request

You Don't Have to Say YES - Morgan McKean - Intuitive Healer

I’m sure you know on an intellectual level that it’s okay to say “No.” when someone makes a request of you that you really don’t want to do. However, no matter how we rationalize it, most women, myself included, seem to have a bit of a challenge when someone pulls on us emotionally.  While we know that saying yes may take up resources like time and money that would be better spent else where, we end up putting the other person’s desires ahead of our own in an effort to be liked or accepted.

Up until last week, I believed that I had overcome many of my triggers surrounding this issue. But, the kind and gentle Universe brought it right smack-dab in the center of my world, both personally and professionally to show me such was not yet the case. I’ll be honest, in each instance, my first thought was to give into the other person’s request, even though doing so would work against me in achieving my bigger vision. However, I am happy to report that within 24 hours of processing each situation, I was able to remind myself that each experience was a chance for me to reveal who I want to be moving forward, and helped me to make the choice that was best for me.

I’m not sure what triggers you face when taking on requests that don’t make you feel your best. However, here are some insights that may help alleviate any anxiety that you feel when it comes to saying “No!” to requests that won’t really fulfill you.


KNOWING OUR WORTH : When we struggle with knowing our worth, it makes it more challenging to say no to certain requests. For example, you may want to work with a certain client or take a particular job however, they’re offering you significantly less than your fee. Because you want to work with them, for prestige or because you flat out need the money, you entertain ideas of taking them on at their price but, what you’re not considering is this:

You don’t do them, or yourself, any favors by lowering your fee so that you can resonate with their current belief system. What you are doing when you say yes to their request or offer, is telling the Universe that you don’t really value you, and that you don’t expect them too either. If they don’t have the ability to believe in what you’re offering at the price you’re offering it at, that is their false belief — and not your responsibility.

WHEN WE HAVEN’T LEARNED THE LESSON, IT REPEATS; Because planet earth is a place we come to evolve our soul, any lesson we don’t get the first time will repeat. (Trust me, I KNOW from personal and professional experience). Realize that every time you dishonor yourself by not attending to your dreams, the lesson will get more and more challenging until you finally learn to make the choice that will lead you to your ultimate happiness.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t help people who are hurting or that we WANT to help. I am referring to those situations where you know you want one thing, and you’re saying yes to something else in order to appease someone besides yourself.


Life Tip ::

It is okay to honor yourself and your own wishes by turning down requests that don’t lead to your to your health, success and happiness.

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