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You Don’t Have to Show up to Every Debate You’re Invited To

You Don’t Have to Show up to Every Debate You’re Invited To

I’ve said it before, and I will definitely say it again, “There are as many ways to live life as there are people living it.” Therefore, to argue or debate with people about certain ideas and concepts  that they hold to be true, in most cases, is simply a waste of your time. You see, each one of us believes what we believe because of the programming we’ve received thus far in our lives.

Whether it’s why we choose to vote the way we do or the way we go about pursuing our goals, our thought stream is made up entirely of those things that we currently believe.

As I’m sure you would agree, none of us is going to agree with another person on absolutely everything. This is because each of us is unique in how our set of beliefs is formed. The reason why you believe what you believe is because of your particular DNA, coupled with your initial life programming from your caregivers, your education, and the actual life experiences you’ve undergone. As these are the things that influence your way of being. The great thing about coming to this understanding is that you can let many things that other people say go, without having to experience any negative energy.

When you are faced with someone who is expounding in an area in which you totally disagree, rather than taking the bait to engage in some sort of debate, try instead to exercise your understanding.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to deny your own beliefs, just suspend them long enough to allow you to maintain peace, while you take a little time to evaluate some alternative ideas.

Life Tip :: It is always better to seek to understand than to be understood, you’re able to stretch your imagination and increase your possibilities.

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