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Your Pain Is Relative to Your Consciousness

Your Pain Is Relative to Your Consciousness

When you see pain and suffering in another, you must understand that they may not feel it as you believe they do.  The experience of pain is based on relative perception, and the contrast of the experience between you and the person going through it are not necessarily felt at the same dynamic or level.

For example, the woman who is being abused by her partner is not experiencing pain in the situation in the same way that her friends and family, who play witness to it, believe she is experiencing it. This is because she is living in a consciousness that believes and gives energy to creating this type of physical reality, and they do not.  They, presumedly, are living more balanced and peaceful lives on a daily basis, than is she.  For if her physical experience is now reflecting back to her an abusive environment that has her in a constant state of fear and anxiety, then she has been nurturing a belief system full of chaos, victimhood and abuse for so long that they have now made manifest in her reality.

Because she has resonated with this victimhood mentality for so long, she is now manifesting a consistent stream of abuse onto herself, sometimes making it’s way into physical violence, or even near death experiences.  When you witness her experience life in this way, you may find yourself in a state of temporary horror.  It is at this time that you must remind yourself that your perception of the situation she is in is at a far different contrast then is hers, who is creating it this way.

Hence, there is no amount of empathy you can demonstrate for another in pain that will help elevate their consciousness to a place that isn’t experiencing it.  When you over empathize, your acknowledgement of the person’s pain only further validates their reasons for existence.  — I’m not saying to be unkind or lack compassion — However, rather than wallow with them in their self-indulgent pity-party, be a ray of light, offering hope, inspiration and motivation with ideas for bettering their life.

Whenever you witness someone going through a situation that appears to be beyond your  comfort zone/pain threshold, before you get all worked up about it in any great capacity, take a moment to remind yourself that they are creating their reality according to their beliefs. Trying to empathize with them when their mind is currently in a state of ‘dis-ease’, doesn’t lift you, or them up. In fact, more times than not, prolonged exposure to such situations brings you down to a lower frequency wherein you are now more susceptible to creating pain and tragedy in your own reality.

Life Tip :: You can never suffer enough to ease someone else’s pain.. so don’t try! 🙂

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